Just some of the things we do

If you don't see what you want - please email us with an enquiry.

Don't get your nails dirty

We can do it all OR we can get you going to be self sufficient.
No job is too big or too small.
Maybe you chipped a nail (so to speak) and need someone to fix it?

Branding (the Big trim)

We cut straight to the point. Not really sure what you want or have an idea, whatever the case, we will assist in your branding ie logo's, corporate look.

Relax! We've got you covered

We aren't going to massage or stroke your ego but what we will do, is give you the truth. Down to earth, professional, no bullshit but a bit of hell yeah enthusiastic honesty!

Packing Design

We cover all design work but let's not forget about your packaging. We know how to get the job done from zero right through to your entire branded and business look.

Smart Business Settings

We offer some business advice. Where to start, how to start ie business registrations, trademarks and so forth.
We can help get you connected.

We're Friendly

We're friendly, professional and fair but we won't kiss your ass or have you feeling like you need a bucket every time you speak to us.
We are genuine and in touch with reality so our customer service is top notch.

Printing & Photography

Right from the point of design to print ready artwork and product. We can arrange all your print needs.
Photographers available or assistance in getting the right pictures that you need for your personalised branded hell yeah look!

We're committed

We're committed to making a difference and getting you over the line.
We want our clients to be happy and to be continual clients, not just another regurgitated customer for the sake of a few $$$.

Discount to talk less

We're busy people & sometimes find phone calls an unnecessary evil. Why? There's no trail, no references to information if somehow it get's lost in translation. Words in this industry mean everything. If you don't mind liaising via email, we will give you a discount for saving time.

What else have we got?

IDENTITY Logo Design
Business Cards
Branding Packages
WEB Website Design/Development
Website Hosting Email Templates
Web Ads
Social Media artwork, videos, gifs etc ie Facebook Timeline Cover Photos.
We design it all.

Just the tip...

PRINT Brochures and Flyers
Posters and Signs
Postcards and Direct Mail Pieces Custom Invitations
Labels, Stickers & Packaging
Gift Cards
I mean honestly, literally anything right! Menus & Takeout Menus
Table Tents and Appetizer Cards
Comment Cards
Door Hangers, Coasters and again! So much more!

Music to your ears

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS TShirts, Pens and Pencils, USB's,
Coffee Cups, Tote Bags, Mousepads & Way too much stuff to mention.
We have great resources for promotional and specialty items, so if you need to put your logo on a giveaway or need a tshirt design, contact us! Oh yeah! A personalised branded hell yeah look!

Still not sure?

Now we don't want to come off as negative nellies, but you know how you can tell a lot about a design agency or graphic design service? Take a look at their website? Does it look modern, is it fast, is it a standard template or did they put a little effort in and make it special? What are their other site designs like? Their portfolio? Are they stock images? Typos on their website?

We are offering specialist services

Getting married and don't want to use multiple people to get the artsy and photography job done?

The Engagement Day

We can do your engagement party and wedding day invitations. We design, we print and we can ship them out for you as well or to you at least. That way you can keep the same look (or not) through out your wedding theme. We can even help sort some arty elements of your hens or bucks night!

Pre-Wedding Photo shoot

Need a practice run? Need to work out layouts, designs, particular poses etc? We can sort it. Maybe you want an album, modern video version to play on the day? If we can meet your needs we will.

The Big Day

If you use us for your entire special day/s we can also ensure all table settings, name tags etc have all the same design. We beautify!

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