Everything you need to know is pretty much on the website BUT we know sometimes, there’s a few off topic or deeper questions our clients might have or perhaps you want something we haven’t listed.
Perhaps you need some reassurance, to know you are dealing with real people who aren’t full of it. We get it.

Because we are busy people, and we aren’t a commercial spit out type business, we want to know our clientele are genuine and are not wasting our time.

We aren’t into tyre kickers and we expect to be treated the same. So to overcome people who just phone around, shopping around, window shop and simply phone to check a competitors price or take on something, we now charge a small fee for an UP TO 20 minute consultation. This fee IS REFUNDABLE when you book in and pay for the job you’re enquiring about.

$25.00 is the charge. Calls are via mobile phone, messenger or what’s app – whatever you need. All times on the booking system are AWST (Western Australian Standard time). You must check what time that is in your location yourself. 

*We do not accept cancelations or reschedules. If you are unable to make this appointment you must repay and rebook yourself in. We try 2 times in a 5 minute radius to make contact and if you do not answer the phone during those 2 occasions, the appointment is immediately void. Thanks for your understanding.

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